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Change Ip address Polyx NF+ to Static ip address

Change ip address Polyx NF+ to Static ip address

  • By default the Polyx NF+ is set to DHCP
  • This can be changed using the terminal settings of the Polyx NF+ controller
Note Polyx NF + delivered before 17 March 2015 cannot be set to static and will have to be updated by Keyprocessor
  • In order to change the IP address you will need an adapter. You can make it yourself or order it from Keyprocessor BV.


How to

  • Connect your PC for example to port “Console” from the Polyx.
  • Open the terminal program and make a connection. Use Hyperterminal of Teraterm
  • http://sourceforge.jp/projects/ttssh2/downloads/62901/teraterm-4.86.exe/
  • Select the COM-port of the PC connected to the Polyx.
  • Choose a baud rate of “115200” and choose flow control “none”.
  • Restart the polyx
  • Wait until “Welcome To Diags press a key within 5 seconds to enter” appears.
  • Press any key. The diagnose main menu opens after 5 seconds.

Polyx settings.PNG

  • Press 1 “Environment settings”.
  • Press 2 “Set environment settings”. The environments which can be set are:

ip_address= ip address
gateway_address= gateway address
netmask_address= netmask address
dhcp=0 ( 0 is dhcp off / 1 is dhcp on)

  • Enter the environment address and press Enter. Then set dhcp=0
  • When finished, go back to the main menu.
  • You must reboot the Polyx for the changes to take effect, press “r”.