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Custom I/O

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When an I/O in your installation is not in use by a card reader it can be used for other purposes as a custom I/O. Please refer to the Polyx NF+ Manual for wiring instructions.



You can use the Discover button to find available I/Os. Fore! will only discover I/Os of Polyx NF+ network controllers that have at least one card reader configured.


The Polyx MAC and the I/O address can be used to identify the I/O on the Polyx NF+.

There are two Types of I/O: Input and Output.


Each input has a NO/NC setting which can be set to Normally open or Normally closed.

When an input is activated a transaction is generated in Fore! For each configured custom input a special notification handling setting is created. Using this setting a notification or alarm can be triggered and messaging can be activated.



Each output has a NO/NC setting which can be set to Normally open or Normally closed.

An output can have one of three modes:

  • Manual: The output is triggered manually using the I/O widgets. Use Set output status to set the initial state of the output: Always high or Always low.
  • Follow input: The output followes the state of another input. Use Follow this input to set the input which should be followed. You can select any input available in Fore! including the inputs used by readers. You can not follow an output.
  • Follow time schedule: The output followes a time schedule. Use Follow this time schedule to set the time schedule which should be followed.