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Employees in Fore! are persons who have a access to card readers during selected time schedules.


On the employee page a name and key number can be set for each employee. Optionally a PIN code can be defined for each employee for installations that include pincode readers.

Tip You can automatically add a key number to an employee by presenting an unknown card to a reader when the employee page is opened.

When the Override anti pass-back checkbox is checked the key number of this employee will not be limited by the anti pass-back mechanism that can be configured on readers. This setting is especially useful for employees designated to organize emergency evacuations of a building.

Use the Alternative unlatch time checkbox to indicate that this employee requires doors to be opened longer than normally. You can set the lenght of the alternative unlatch time at the access page of each reader.

Check the Arm/disarm intrusion checkbox to allow the employee to arm and disarm the intrusion system using the card readers. An employee can only arm and disarm at readers where he has access at that time.

Check the Office checkbox to allow the employee do set a door in office modus. The door can only be set in office modus if the time schedule is set at the the reader.

You can add your own fields to the employee (and visitor) form using Custom fields.

In the access table all card readers are listed with a checkbox for every time schedule. Check the checkbox to give an employee access to that card reader during that time schedule.

Tip You can use drag-and-drop to copy the access settings from one employee to another employee.