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Galaxy Dimension

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Galaxy Dimension

  • To connect with the Galaxy Dimension panel, use the Galaxy Ethernet Module E080-04

Galaxy IP-module.PNG

  • To program the Galaxy Ethernet Module follow the steps below.
  • Step 1 . Enter the IP address, Gateway and Subnetmask of the Galaxy Ethernet Module
  • Step 2 . Enter the IP address of the Forebox

Ethernet Algemeen 1.png

  • Step 3 . Enter the same setting as show
  • Step 4 . Enter the IP address of the Forebox and the Primary portnumber.

Ethernet Algemeen 2.png

  • Step 5 . Remember the Remote Code. You need to enter this later in Fore!

Ethernet Algemeen 3.png

  • Make a export of the programming.
  • Step 6 . Set your software in English.
( if you don't to this the export will be corrupt )

Galaxy Software.png

  • Step 7 . Export the programing to XML
( if you don't have this option install a patch or new software version from the galaxy software )

Galaxy Software 2.png

  • Fore!
  • Select intrusion en discover your panel
  • If your panel is found select the panel and enter the :
         Name of the Panel
         Portnumber    ( standard 10002)
         Remote code  ( standard 543210 )
  • Click on the Browse button en select the Galaxy XML Export
    if you change something in the software, upload a new XML File
  • The programming will now be uploaded to Fore!.
  • Go back to the Fore! dashboard and put the Galaxy on the dashbord.
Other languages:English 100% • ‎Nederlands 79%