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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Holidays can be configured in Fore! to act as an exception to a time schedule during certain days. This allows you to restrict access or to keep doors shut during special days of the year. Holidays in Fore! are not recurring and have to be separately configured for each year.

Do not forget to check the Follow holiday schedule checkbox at the time schedule in order for it to follow your configured holidays.

Depending on the time configuration holidays function in the following way:

  • When no start time and end time are configured time schedules (that are configured to follow holidays) will stay inactive the whole day during the configured dates (indicated in red on the time bar).

Example: during Christmas 2014 time schedules are inactive for the whole day.

  • When start time and end time are configured time schedules will follow their normal schedule between the start time and end time (indicated as green on the time bar). Outside of the start time and end time the time schedules will be inactive.

Example: on Queensday 2014 the building is closed in the afternoon. In the morning time schedules follow their normal routine.