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Fore! has an integrated SIP intercom server. Intercoms and VOIP-phones that support the SIP protocol can connect to Fore!.


The SIP protocol does not support automatic discovery of intercom devices. Instead, for each intercom an account has to be created at the server. An account consists of a phone number (also known as Station ID or user name) and a password. Intercom stations can register themselves using this Station ID and password to the server.

Direct calling

After an intercom station is successfully registered you can call it directly from another intercom stations using the Station ID (or stationID@ip.of.fore.server) as its phone number, e.g. 1001 or 1001@

Call routing

In order to let Fore! route your intercom calls to the correct intercom stations you have to set the Type and Intercom groups.

Type has the following two options:

  • Master: Use for intercoms stations where calls are received.
  • Slave: Use for intercoms stations where calls are started.

Add the intercom to one or more intercom groups using the intercom group checkbox list.

When a Slave intercom calls fore@ip.of.fore.server (e.g. fore@ all Master intercom stations that are in the same intercom group as the Slave intercom will start ringing, but only when the intercom group is active according to its time

Example If you want a different intercom to be ringing depending on the time of the day you create two intercom groups each with a different time schedule. You add the Slave intercom to both groups and the Master intercoms each to a different intercom group.

Note You can use any unknown phone number instead of fore@ip.of.fore.server to route your calls with Fore!