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Sirius F30 Manual

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Sirius F30.png

The Sirius F30 is a card reader that is specifically designed to be used with Fore! security management software. The Sirius F30 card reader can read MIFARE Classic and DESFire EV1 access cards that use a Fore! encoding and the UID (or CSN) of Mifare and DESFire cards without a Fore! encoding.


Choose a location for the card reader that meets the following constraints:

  • The distance between the card reader and the Polyx NF+ door controller is less then 120 meter.
  • There is at least 20cm space between two card readers.
  • The card reader is not mounted directly on a metal surface.

Sirius F30 Dimensions.png


  • Use the back plate to determine appropriate mounting position and mark the holes on the surface.
  • Drill two holes (wood 3mm, stone 6mm with plug).
  • Pull the cable through the mounting plate.
  • Mount the back plate using two screws with head >= 6mm.
  • Connect cable to the 7-pin screw connector.
  • Remove the thin orange film from the buzzer.
  • Attach the top of the reader to the back plate and push the bottom towards the back plate
  • Close the reader using the enclosed 3mm screw.

Sirius F30 Mounting.png


You can use a standard CAT5 UTP or CAT6 UTP network cable with RJ45 T-568B connectors to connect the card reader to the Polyx NF+.

  • Plug the RJ45 connector of one end of the cable in port Reader 1 or Reader 2 of the Polyx NF+.
  • Cut off the RJ45 from the other end of the network cable.
  • Remove the isolation and untwist the wires.
  • Combine the orange and green wires and connect them to pin 1 (A).
  • Combine the white/orange and white/green wires and connect them to pin 2 (B).
  • Connect the brown wire to pin 6 (GND).
  • Connect the blue wire to pin 7 (VCC+).

The white/brown and white/blue wires are not used.

Sirius F30 Connector layout.png
Sirius F30 RJ45 T568B color RJ45 T568B pin
7 VCC (+) Blue.png Blue 4
6 GND (-) Brown.png Brown 8
2 White orange.png
White green.png
White/Orange and
1 Orange.png
Orange and

Technical data

Interface RS485 (Polyx NF+)
Supported cards Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Mifare DESFire 0.6, Mifare DESFire EV1 8k, ISO14443A compatible
Power consumption 5-16 VDC, 0,7W average, 1,4W peak
LED consumption 12VDC, max. 1,8W
Dimensions 142mm x 45mm x 22mm (HxWxD)
Reading distance 5mm-70mm ISO14443A Mifare card
Environmental rating IP64
Operating temperature -31º to 150º F (-35º to 65º C)
Storage temperature -67º to 185º F (-55º to 85º C)
Operating humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
Transmit frequency 13.56 MHz
Standard ISO14443 A
Indicators 2x RGB LED and 1 buzzer
Connection 7-pin screw connector
Certifications CE
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