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Sirius F80/F80P Manual

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Sirius F80.png Sirius F80P.png

The Sirius F80 and F80P are card readers that are specifically designed to be used with Fore! security management software. The Sirius F80 and F80P card readers can read MIFARE Classic and DESFire EV1 access cards that use a Fore! encoding and the UID (or CSN) of Mifare and DESFire cards without a Fore! encoding. The Sirius F80P is equipped with a pinpad.


Choose a location for the card reader that meets the following constraints:

  • The distance between the card reader and the Polyx NF+ door controller is less then 120 meter.
  • There is at least 20cm space between two card readers.

Sirius F80 Dimensions.png


The Sirius F80 and F80P are designed to be mounted on top of a 80mm junction box.

  • Pull the cable through the mounting plate.
  • Mount the back plate using two screws.
  • Connect cable to the 7-pin screw connector.
  • Remove the thin orange film from the buzzer.
  • Attach the top of the reader to the back plate and push the bottom towards the back plate
  • Close the reader using the enclosed 3mm screws.


You can use a standard CAT5 UTP or CAT6 UTP network cable with RJ45 T-568B connectors to connect the card reader to the Polyx NF+.

  • Plug the RJ45 connector of one end of the cable in port Reader 1 or Reader 2 of the Polyx NF+.
  • Cut off the RJ45 from the other end of the network cable.
  • Remove the isolation and untwist the wires.
  • Combine the orange and green wires and connect them to pin 1 (A).
  • Combine the white/orange and white/green wires and connect them to pin 2 (B).
  • Connect the brown wire to pin 6 (GND).
  • Connect the blue wire to pin 7 (VCC+).

The white/brown and white/blue wire are not used.

Sirius F80 Connector layout.png
Sirius F80 RJ45 T568B color RJ45 T568B pin
7 VCC (+) Blue.png Blue 4
6 GND (-) Brown.png Brown 8
2 White orange.png
White green.png
White/Orange and
1 Orange.png
Orange and

Pinpad operation

To open a door using your access card and a pincode:

  • Present your access card to the reader.

The LED will start blinking red/green slowly

  • Enter your pincode.
  • Door will open.

To arm the intrusion using card and pincode:

  • Press *

The card reader is now in arming mode. The LED will start blinking red/green quickly

  • Present your access card to the reader.

The LED will start blinking red/green slowly

  • Enter your pincode

The LED will start blinking red/green quickly. When the intrusion alarm is armed correctly the LED starts blinking red/green slowly.

Tip When entering your PIN code, remove your finger at least 1 cm from the panel between each digit.

Technical data

Interface RS485 (Polyx NF+)
Supported cards Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Mifare DESFire 0.6, Mifare DESFire EV1 8k, ISO14443A compatible
Power consumption 5-16 VDC, 0,7W average, 1,4W peak
LED consumption 12VDC, max. 1,8W
Dimensions 80mm x 80mm x 13mm (HxWxD)
Reading distance 5mm-70mm ISO14443A Mifare card
Environmental rating IP64
Operating temperature -31º to 150º F (-35º to 65º C)
Storage temperature -67º to 185º F (-55º to 85º C)
Operating humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
Transmit frequency 13.56 MHz
Standard ISO14443 A
Indicators 2x RGB LED and 1 buzzer
Connection 7-pin screw connector
Certifications CE
Other languages:English 100% • ‎Nederlands 6%