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System Users

This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

System users are employees who can login to the Fore! user interface.


Fore! distinguishes three system user roles: Technical manager, Facility staff and Secretary. After installation the first technical manager is made using the setup wizard. This user always has username root and cannot be deleted.

The three roles have the following application rights:

Technical manager Facility staff Secretary
Add, edit and remove readers, intrusion detection, intercoms, video sources, relations, system users, custom I/O
Add, edit and remove time schedules, holidays and visitor profiles
Advanced settings
Manage backup / restore
Set notification handling
Create and edit own dashboard
Create and edit other dashboard
Add, edit and remove employees
Add, edit and remove visitors
View video streams ✔*
View and handle notifications and alarms
View and control door access ✔*
View and control intercoms ✔*
Monitor presence ✔*
View intrusion detection status ✔*
Arm and disarm intrusion zones ✔*
Bypass detectors ✔*
Generate reports ✔*
Search historic events
* Only for widgets added to their dashboard by a technical manager.