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Upgrade guide

This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Install Fore! upgrade package

  • Download the latest Fore! package
  • Browse to to open the Fore!Box webinterface (when is the ip address of your Fore!box)
  • Login with Username and Password
  • Open the Update tab
  • Click Browse to select a Fore! package
  • Click Update to start the update.
  • You can follow the update in the messages tab ( system log ). Update is ready when the system says 'Upgrade ending'
  • After 5 minutes you will be redirected to the new Fore!box maintenance page.
  • (If you are not redirected automatically you can open it yourself by browsing to


  • if your Fore! version is below, use this package. * http://www.keyprocessor.com/remove_AUDIT_data.taz
  • the package will erase the audit data en restart the Fore!box . If you don't upload the package the upgrade will take a hour.
  • Go to the update tab , choose file and upload remove_AUDIT_data.taz.( it will restart the database , wait 4 min.)