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Visitors in Fore! are persons who have only access during their visit and whose access settings can be set using a Visitor profile.


On the visitor page a name, key number and visited person can be set for each visitor. Optionally a PIN code can be defined for each visitor for installations that include pincode readers. Visitors can only be given access using visitor profiles and have only access between the visit start date and the visit end date. Visitors can be automatically removed after the visit end date using the visitor cleanup settings.

Tip You can automatically add a key number to a visitor by presenting an unknown card to a reader when the visitor page is opened.

Use the Alternative unlatch time checkbox to indicate that this employee requires doors to be opened longer than normally. You can set the lenght of the alternative unlatch time at the access page of each reader.

You can add your own fields to the visitor (and employee) form using Custom fields.