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Wiegand Converter Manual

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The Wiegand/ClockData converter is used to connect a Wiegand or Clock/Data card reader to the Polyx NF+ door controller.



  • Connect the card reader to the Wiegand converter using standard UTP or 6x0,34mm2 cable.
  • Use a standard UTP network cable with RJ45 T-568B connectors to connect the Wiegand converter to the Polyx NF+.
Pin Description
1 Data / D0
2 Clock / D1
3 LED / Tamper
4 IO / Buzzer
6 VCC (output)

Technical data

Wiegand ABA / Clockdata
Maximum cable distance (Polyx - converter) 600m  ?
Maximum cable distance (Converter - reader) 100m  ?
Output voltage 13-14 VDC
Output current 20mA average, 50mA peak
Dimensions (mm) 57x26x21
Operating Temperature -25 to +65 °C / -15 to 150 °F
Operating Humidity 0 – 95% non condensing
Connection RJ45 connector,and 6 pin not removable connector
Certifications CE, FCC